Why C’est Bon?


  • It’s safer – Placing items with us eliminates prospective buyers from coming to your home.
  • It’s easy – We come to your home and pick up your pieces at your convenience.
  • Support Local business – Items consigned belong to your friends and neighbors. When you buy from us, you support the community.
  • It’s the green thing to do – Consigning your unwanted or unneeded item(s) rather than adding them to the waste cycle is much more socially conscious and sustainable.
  • Our place rocks!! – We have a 4500 square foot showroom with high ceilings and plenty of space for your larger pieces.  Just come take a look – everything looks great once we find the best spot for it in our showroom.
  • We are matchmakers – We let our regular customers know if something they have been looking for comes in. If you are looking for something particular and don’t find it today, get on our wishlist and we will contact you as soon as we find it.
  • We showcase your items online  Our Facebook page along with our website are updated regularly as new inventory arrives and is merchandised in vignettes.
  • People love a bargain – and our prices are right!
  • We have wise regular shoppers – They know to check back often which increases exposure to your consigned items.
  • It’s fun – When furniture hunting in our store, you never know what you may find.